(Love In Action )    

     The vision is to provide transitional housing for single parents along with  the opportunity for them to go back to school  to get a skill, trade, or degree in the area she is passionate to work in the future. 


     It will offer assistance to a single parent who has a proven track record of responsibility and determination in work ethics with a history of putting ALL into their job, but  is limited in how high they can climb because of lack of education/skill.  Single parents usually have had to take whatever job they can get to make ends meet because they have not had the opportunity to get education or training for the career she of their passion.  

     It is the platform to empower single parents to gain the vantage point to where they are finally employed in a career they love, wit an opportunity to have  more than enough left over at the end of the month to pay it forward to another parent that is in the same place they were before.  

     Additionally, the environment is a family neighborhood-type that meets daily to eat dinner and builds the entire family up emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  The program also teaches the family their true identity through God’s eyes, not forming their identity by the world around them or from their past..... all by helping them gain their significance in the TRUTH of Jesus Christ.

     This is particularly important since the majority of single parents that are barely meeting the needs of their family -- struggle with depression, low-self esteem,  or inferiority… which ultimately passes down to the children where the cycle continues.


     Empowering single parents and the children to be the contributor to society rather than the one in need. 

Eventually, I would like to start a Restoration Home for those that have been Trafficked.

Coffee House /Restaurant

This would be a very relaxed enviornment that is a combination coffee house/restaurant that also has smaller rooms for kids to play video/arcade games &  to gather for Prayer/Study & a larger area for speakers to hold meetings and also has enough land  to play basketball/volleyball outside.  

The profit from this establishment would be used to support LIA so the single parents will have a place  to live while they are furthering their career.

The residents can work at the establishment to make enough for other needs they have to meet their monthly expenses, rent and utilities. We would help them apply for all the government assistance available for cost of school. 

The focus of this place of business would be multifaceted.  

* To Support & sustain LIA

* To reach the kids in the Madisonville area who have no where to hang out, while at the same time the youth groups at the local churches can reach out to them in their own environment.  

* To sell art or items to help local people raise money for mission trips

 Tiny Houses make a perfect housing community that would be a temporary residence for the single parents to live in with minimal cost so they can worry about completing the schooling/training of their choice.
I would love to have a warehouse to teach the residents how to grow their own food via aquaponics where the roots that are submerged in the water in tanks below actually feed the fish in the tanks..