proverbs 23:7 

For as he thinketh

in his heart 

so is he

 Science has discovered the electrical field that the heart emits, but what they don't realize is that what they are describing is our spirit.  When we keep our eyes focused on heaven and the things above (Colossians 3:2) our heart emits a strong electrical field and therefore it keeps the cells in our body healthy.  Basically keeping our spirit in alignment with God, since
God is spirit.. right? 
The thoughts  we choose to entertain impact not only our bodies but the world around us.   
When our heart is stressed or broken, our heart emits a lower frequency that  changes the way the cells in our body behave and cause sickness. 
Scripture is God's invitation to discover our true identity in Him.
Science is only explaining what God has already given to us in Scripture.
All other ways of self-discovery or self-healing lead to this world's way thinking
and problem solving apart from God.
Scripture has multiple layers of meaning and mysteries... and the mystery of us being made in God's image is being confirmed more and more by science. 
God made you in His image with an eternal divine purpose.
You are given a free will to choose to fulfill that purpose or give up and settle for living for the things of this world that ends in death.   

When feelings are suppressed and are never faced they will manifest  in negative behavior patterns which society teaches us that is our identity, which is wrong.  It is crucial to find the source of negative behavior patterns to overcome and replace the pattern with a healthy ones.   Repeating patterns of anger, anxiety, bitterness, or addictions are signs of suppressed emotions that have not been addressed in a healthy way.  

Scripture is what helps us replace the negative coping patterns with the ones that will bring true peace and alignment with our True Identity.

We are not victims of circumstance. 
You can take two people through the exact same situation..
one will come out of it better off in the long run
the other one allowed the same exact situation to destroy their life.  
It is a matter of changing your perception of a given situation
and how you choose to react and how you choose to speak.
New coping mechanisms can be learned
to face any and every situation 
knowing Victory is on the other end.

If you are waiting and hoping for things to change, but you are not making constant changes by  taking an inventory of yourself... the cycle will continue to repeat

* The mind does what it "thinks" is in your best interest 

* The mind also gravitates towards pleasure and away from pain

* Your perception of situations and the words you speak reveal how you feel  

* The mind gravitates to what is familiar

Take the first step

to a new future by making changes ..



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Lady-Jessica is highly skilled in the residential mortgage industry having been in the field since the year 2001.


Her overall expertise revolves around the placement of clients in the perfect loan program to meet the needs of their current financial situation.

What distinguishes her from others in her field of expertise is that she treats every client as she would if it were her own family.

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She takes a special interest in the every aspect of the situation surrounding the mortgage process and knows the road to a smooth loan process is gathering all the pertinent information up front and asking the right questions.

You will be more than satisfied by having a loan officer who has years of experience and who cares about the overall interest of each person she speaks to, whether you choose to proceed with the loan process or not.

And, Yes, her real name is Lady and not a title she gives herself.  It is a name passed down in her "Cajun" family line.








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